ALL women can celebrate their femininity and unique curves!

- you are perfect right now, just the way you are ♥

Boudoir Photography by Melissa in North Branch, MN

Boudoir feminine curves





Boudoir isn't just for the gaze or the seducing of men, it is to allow a beautiful woman to stand in her power and to practice self-love by embracing herself.






Boudoir Photography in North Branch, MN




At any age, or shape, you are courageous, strong 

and extremely sexy.














Melissa Collins of MJCollins Photography

Hello, Daaaaaahling! I'm Melissa J. Collins!

As someone who struggles with low-confidence levels daily, I know what an AMAZING photograph of yourself  can do. I also know how self-destructing a terrible photo of yourself is. So I spend every day learning, practicing and growing my skills and fine tuning my craft so I can provide you with photographs that will up-lift you, fill you with joy and show you how others see you. 
I can honest-to-goodness tell you, hand on heart that I 100% love my job and this business. I revel in it and I cannot wait to meet you and plan your day!

Why? Because I want to build confidence one woman at a time and provide you with beautiful imagery FOR women...not OF women for others. I want to lift you UP through photography. 

This is my full time gig, ladies. That means you are in very capable hands of someone who does this ALL the time and not every now and then. 

In fact: I am also a photography educator, teacher & mentor to others in the industry. 

Boudoir Reviews with MJCollins Photography


It is ok to be nervous! 

That is where all the growth and discovery and just plain fun happens - outside your comfort zone.

🌟 And want to know a secret?

During your session, we aren't judging (or really even looking) at your body.

As a photographer, I see you, but my job is to bring out your best through lighting, emotion,  and master posing - therefore, I am too busy creating beautiful imagery of you to spend time evaluating or analyzing the areas you might not be so keen on. 


🌟 Want to know another secret? 

It isn't the camera that puts on 10 pounds. It is the photographer who doesn't know how to use the camera or understand how posing actually works. 

♥♥ You are in very capable and professional hands with Melissa ♥♥




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