Notable Career Moments


May 2023 - Was commissioned to do photos for the wildly popular Midwest Firefighters Calendar

September 2023 - Accepted commission for cover art on international, best-selling author Simonetta Agnello Hornby's "Era un bravo ragazzo"


January 2022 - Voted Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Board

April 2022 - Moved into the new studio on Elm Street, North Branch

September 2022 - opened Honeybee Intimates


August 2021 - Speaker at the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon (Topic: Social Media)

September 2021 - received my Accreditation from "The Portrait Masters"


January 2020 - Appointed to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

March 2020 - Guest Writer: "The Exposure Triangle" for the Summerana Magazine for Photographers

April 2020 - Guest Writer: "The Exposure Triangle" (part 2) for the Summerana Magazine for Photographers

May 2020 - Featured in the local paper and highlighted on News Channel 4 for the "Walk of Fame" posters for Seniors during COVID

June 2020 - opened my first studio in a small, 2 room office suite.


March 2019 - Taught Photography for the Amery, WI Community Education

May 2019 - Guest Writer: "Composition Techniques" for the Summerana Magazine for Photographers

June 2019 - Traveled to Washington DC for music album & book cover commissioned work.


January 2018 - Joined the Chamber of Commerce and the Ambassador Team

May 2018 - Hosted a 2-day Photography retreat with Luther Point Bible Camp (sold out)

August 2018 - Guest Writer: Summerana (Photography Education) Blog: "Family Sessions - What Aperture Should I Use?"


June 2017 - left my job of 18 years to launch full-time photography business.



2014-2016 - Recipient of 11 international "Top Photographer" awards 

2014-2016 - Sold several photographs on Getty Images to international entities. 


Officially accepted paying photography clients