Melissa Collins' 4 generation family photo Some people from the outside assume I "just take pictures", but for me, it’s about giving you an experience that transforms you into a work of art.

Hi! It's really nice to meet you. I call North Branch, MN home and am a mother of 3 with a wonderful husband.  That's me on the far right with my Mom, daughter and 92 year old grandma. Gosh I love these ladies ♥

I fell in love with pictures by spending hours upon hours pouring through my Mom's photo albums, memorizing each detail on the pages, in the living room as a little girl. To this day, sometimes you will find me still getting lost in the memories of those pictures. They remind me where I belong in this world. And who I belong to. 

2008 - the year social media really took off and also the year we bought our first digital camera off of Ebay. Up until then, my husband - affectionately called Mr. MJCP, was the primary picture-taker in the family. But I started to be very intrigued with capturing artistic photos, like what I have been seeing online. So, I started playing because it was so easy to just delete a klunker. In 2012 I photographed my first family and official "client". Shortly after, I found myself photographing more and more people. The wee bit of money I received went towards camera gear to improve each photograph until I was able to upgrade to a professional camera body and lenses by 2015 that have become important tools in my arsenal.  By now I was taking on regular clients in addition to working fulltime as a child care teacher and director. In 2017, something had to give. I was busy being a mom, working often more than 40 hours a week, shooting on the weekends and editing at night. 

I took a giant leap and left my job of 18 years to pursue photography and launched an official business. I have taken thousands of class hours to educate myself in all areas of business and photography. My goal is to provide a premier experience and quality products and to set myself apart from every photographer in my community. 

The first 2 years were a little rocky as I fledged along and then...COVID. But I opened up a studio in 2020 and have so many ideas that excite me and keep me up at night thinking about as I expand and grow. 

My style is contemporary portraiture giving clients an experience like you are a celebrity while building your confidence resulting in feeling beautiful. My sessions are designed to pamper you and celebrate who you are at this very moment. You won't regret having that photograph taken. In fact, you might find you enjoyed it quite a bit.

And I can't think of a better way to continue your legacy then to help you avoid having your future self wish something your current self had done.


Cheers, friend ♥