Sunday January 14, 2024

First session: 9am - 12pm | Second session: 12:30-3:30pm

Cost: $35 for the first session

$70 for both sessions (includes lunch)

Did you get a new camera for Christmas?  Or just want to learn how to take better cell phone photos or use your DSLR camera?

Photography class with MJCollins Photography

The First Session:

Get to know the fundamentals of taking your pictures from a simple snapshot to something more preconceived and creative.

• Learn composition

• Learn to find the light

• Breakout time for practice

* Needed: your camera or cell phone/iPad/tablet

Break for lunch or you are free to go if you don't want to learn how to take your camera off Auto-mode.


The Second Session:

We take your camera off Auto-mode and learn about what the buttons and do-hickies do! This is where it get's really fun. We build on what we learned in the morning and begin to control how we want the image to look. I find that cell phones have the option of "professional" mode - but the settings are more generic and not true manual settings and there are some smaller cameras or point and shoot cameras that do not offer manual mode settings check to be sure your camera can!

• Learn the exposure triangle

• Learn light temperature

• Learn how to stop motion (like sport photography) or slow the shutter down to get smooth and creamy blur.

• Breakout time for practice.

*Needed: a camera with manual settings & your camera instruction manual. I'm a Canon girl and Nikon has the same capabilities, but tends to have the functions in different spots :)


Both groups have access to the private Facebook group to continue practicing, ask questions and get peer feedback.