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Product photography is essential for any brand that sells online. 93% of consumers consider the visuals to be the key deciding factor when purchasing a product.

What does that mean? It can mean the difference between making a sale or losing a potential customer.

I have a solution for you!

Breezy Bee Product Photography by MJCollins PhotographyBreezy Bee

High-quality product photography can increase conversion rates significantly. It creates a great first impression! It's crucial to stand out from the crowd, so having great product photos can help you do just that.

Resort To Style product photographyResort To Style Fashion Product Photography by MJCollins Photography

Product photography can be a great way to convey your brand's personality and establish recognition through product images.
Product photography MJCollins PhotographyBreezy Bee Product photography with MJCollins Photography .

Product photography is still a critical element of any business's marketing strategy. However, while product-on-white images is clean and simplistic, eye-catching and engaging images that tell your product's story are essential. Refreshing your content frequently can be challenging and expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. That's where MJCollins Photography services can help!

self service product photography at MJCollins Photography
Self-Service Photography

Now curating an assortment of surfaces for you to use when you rent a section of studio space. You bring your own camera, product, and props relating to your brand's story. Styling, lighting and photography is your responsibility. MJCollins Photography will provide surfaces, window light, constant lighting or reflectors. You have access and may use most of the props in the studio.

Walk-ins or reservations available on Saturdays from 10-3pm. Any other day is by appointment only. 

Min. hourly space rental........$50

Refundable Damage Deposit (returned after your hour)............$30


Product Photography Coaching By Melissa

Have a 1:1 coaching session where you will learn basic photography, styling and lighting to match your vision and brand story. You will have a consultation ahead of time so you know what props or essentials you will need prior to taking your first photographs either on your own or in the studio. Your first self-service session in the studio is included in the price. Coaching time varies depending on your previous knowledge or experience, but expect up to 2 hours. Available in studio or on location (your place of business). 


Product Photography done for you By Melissa

Have Melissa take your product photos for you! You supply the product, pertinent props and the vision and you will receive a vault of high-quality photos in standard (web optimized) resolution with Melissa's signature editing style (unless otherwise requested) in return! 

Prices below include: pre-session consultation, basic set-up time and commercial use license which allows you to take the photos and use them for financial gain.  

Per photo.....$39

5 photos.....$150

6-10 photos.....$300

11-25 photos.....$500

26+ ..... call for quote


Products needing more set-up time or styling ..... $15 additional per photo

Fashion/apparel Photography with for a quote

Stop Motion Photography ..... $69 per product set up

Animated GIF or 10 second video ..... $79 each

High resolution photos ..... $79

On location Photography with travel and set/strike time...$100


Anything requiring more time, specialized equipment or costs to capture your product may be subject to additional costs. This is on a case-by-case basis.

 If you have specific project goals in mind, we encourage you to build a custom package and session! 

Product Photography by MJCollins Photography Product Photography by MJCollins Photography Product Photography by MJCollins Photography Product Photography by MJCollins Photography Product Photography by MJCollins Photography Product Photography by MJCollins Photography

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