Personal Brand Photography


That dream of yours? It matters. And it needs a visual story.


This genre of photography is designed for creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners. It is an exclusive story in photos allowing you to make a connection with your audience so they feel confident in your product or service on a more personal level.




Personal Brand Photography shows your customers:

♥ Who you are as a person

♥ What your expertise is

♥ How you can make their life better



Where do you use your images from your story-telling session?

• On your website, landing page and blogs

• On social media and other online media marketing 

• In offline media marketing 

• Speaking engagements and presentations


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A quote about personal branding by Seth Godin



 You have worked endlessly on creating your brand. You have dreams to run toward! 
I have your back when it comes to your visuals, because 67% of your potential customers are looking at your pictures and deciding if they are going to engage with or even buy from your brand.

Unprofessional images shouldn't hold your brand back or lose you sales.


Real Stong Mom Melanie Lund by Melissa Collins Photography
*Photo by MJCollins Photography of Melanie Lund - Real Strong Mom



It is no accident that Facebook and Instagram are one of the biggest platforms in the world. People are curious in what other people are saying and doing. Visual content allow people to linger around a little longer. 


 ✔ Post regularly and consistently - let your audience see and get to know you.

☛ Social media - more social, less media 


images tell a story that words cannot touch personal brand photography Melissa Collins

 While doing so, it initiates conversation and invites people to talk with you and about your business.

Using your custom images in social media marketing feels like a one-on-one conversation with a trusted source.

Personal Branding with Marie Palecek *Photo by MJCollins Photography of Marie Palecek for her book: Listen For His Voice



You are busy. Save time and get back to your life.

Simply open your personal vault of images, post and go!

You'll never find yourself thinking you should probably post something,

but have no content or an image to use!

Wise and Sacred Personal Branding with MJCollins Photography in the Winter *Photo by MJCollins Photography of Kelly Pederson with Wise And Sacred

Personal Branding with Melissa Collins *Photo by MJCollins Photography of Dr. Marc Myers of Eddiction Medicine

Imagine it: you will have at your organized disposal, a steady stream of images to 

grow your personal brand and reach your audience and never run out of content ideas!


🚫 No more lost time

🚫 No more using your own cellphone

🚫 No more selfie retakes 

🚫 No more bad lighting

🚫 No more using pictures that "kind of work"

🚫 No more guessing

You will get more than gorgeous photos - you will get an exceptional service.

 We will work together to customize your session and craft your vision so you won't have to wing it!




Ready to stand out in your market??


Your photo session experience includes:

→ Consultation - we will uncover the story and brand message you want to tell and work out your marketing potential. We will develop your session so you are prepared with wardrobe, set, props and image shot list.

→ Professional Hair & Make up - should you desire, my team will be present to make sure you look your best. Especially if you are utilizing multiple wardrobe changes and looks.

→ Web & Social Media Ready images - let me ease your headache and confusion and properly resize and crop your images for the major social media sites and optimize them for the internet.  You will also receive high resolution files for printing.

→ Full commercial license usage - unlimited possibilities and potential to level up your business


Testimonials for personal brand photography with MJCollins Photography, North Branch, MN Minnesota Testimonials for personal brand photography with MJCollins Photography, North Branch, MN Minnesota Testimonials for personal brand photography with MJCollins Photography, North Branch, MN Minnesota

Confidence Clothes Personal Branding session testimonial


Video by: MJCollins Photography of Real Strong Mom

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Melissa Collins of MJCollins Photography is located in North Branch, MN - just 50 miles North of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN. She is an award winning photographer with several images and written articles published both online and in print. 

I love photography, but in addition to that - I love the thought of helping you connect with your audience, ignite your creativity, and captivate your ideal clients. The best part is when you see your hard work turn into buyer conversions and you become profitable - honestly, that fills my cheer tank right up!

My number one priority is your satisfaction and that you are well taken care of through exemplary customer service.