Santa Safety Covid Plan


In the wake of the current health concerns, here are some things Santa and MJCollins Photography will do to ensure the safety of all who attend The Santa Experience. 


  1. In the past we have done back-to-back sessions to accommodate as many families as possible, however this year, we will be limiting session spots and allowing time in-between to cleanse & sanitize common areas before the next family arrives.  


  1. As the photographer, I will practice 6 ft of social distancing to the best of my ability and wear a mask, as will my assistant. 


  1. Parents not participating in family photos with Santa will be asked to wear a mask during the event. 


  1. Up to 10 people are allowed in the studio at a time per the MDH guidelines - MJCP will only allow 1 family unit at a time including Melissa, an assistant and Santa.


  1. There is a restroom just before entering the studio, hand washing is encouraged by all prior to coming inside the studio. Hand sanitizer will be available at the door as well. Proper hand washing will be observed by Melissa and assistant. Santa will be wearing gloves as part of his outfit. 

  2. Our normal novelty treats and drinks will be prepared and served in an individually wrapped bag and taken to-go.


  1. Children or parents should not come if there is a fever present of 100.3°F or higher the night before or the day of. Should this be the case, we can discuss the cancellation procedures. 


  1. Should Melissa or Santa have a fever present of 100.3°F or higher the night before or the day of, we will cancel the event and refunds will be made.



Among all the uncertain circumstances, my everyday practice of quality and service will not change. Your child is sure to have a magical experience just as before. Other than a few modifications, you can count on this photography event to feel pretty close to normal.