Create - A - Collection

What if one morning you woke up and there was no more social media? What if your USB or digital storage space went corrupt or was rendered unusable? Your pictures would be gone.

Create - A - Collection is just what you need to keep your images safe and have not only a digital negative, but hard copies that will last for more than 100 years. 

This offers a ton of value and gives you the flexibility to customize a portrait package according to your own needs. “Create Your Own Collection” gives you your digital images on USB and includes a choice of any of our albums or fine art ready-to-hang prints. 

First choose your art to display on the wall OR on the table:
All prints are framed or ready to hang

• Hallway 
• Mini
• Small
• Standard
• Large
• Grande

Table top albums
• Mini
• Standard Classic
• Standard Artisan

Then, choose your file size:

● Small - social media size - printable to 8x10
● Large - High resolution for printing up to grande size

Create-A-Collection begins at $599




Please note: this is digital only. Digital files are transient and impermanent and will not last forever. It is very possible they will not be viewable 5 years from now. 

  • Your favorite 12 images at social media size
  • Your favorite 20 images at grande size

Simply Digital begins at $599


Add on's, desk prints and specialty items will be available to purchase at your ordering appointment if you desire!