I am so excited to hold an event and introduce you to 4 incredible women dedicated to helping other women! 


Melissa Collins: learn why and how photography is a form of self-care and a great source of confidence. Get a sample of what it is like to work with me. I will use your phone to show you a "before" photo of yourself and an "after" photo with guided direction from me so you look your best. Believe me, I know how if feels to have a non-flattering photo taken and the boost to see yourself in a thought out, well executed photo! Let me show you your best side ♥


Kelly Pederson: We'll start off sitting in a circle with a guided, self-love/self-trust mediation to ground ourselves as Kelly introduces us to the power of a sacred circle. From there, she will do an excersise called Love Rings and show us how to move people in and out of our circle.


Nicole Grisham: Nicole will be teaching you how to manifest your intentions! Opening your inner magick and connecting with your higher self— setting boundaries in the spirit world. We'll talk about how to control your spiritual abilities and open your third eye— when and where YOU want to! There will be a few exciting exercises to show you how you can trust your intuition and feel real energy for yourself. We'll touch on Past Life Regression and Mediumship.


Heather Strand: Heather will present what Reiki healing and massage is and how to guide this energy in your body to promote balance and healing.


Connie Braton: "What Do Our Loved Ones on the Other Side Want Us to Know?" Be introduced to what it's like for our loved ones on the other side, how they communicate with us and let Connie help bridge the gap between the living and the dead.