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     If you have read my "About Me" section, you will know how strongly I feel about tangible photographs to hold and feel and display on the wall or in an album. They can be treasured and looked at again and again by you and your children for many years to come. 

     My goal is to present you with beautiful finished work and help eliminate an easy habit of putting a CD in a drawer or left forgotten on the computer. Real pictures- printed on professional quality paper - has more longevity than a file. And while we are talking about digital files, look how much storage has changed over the years and have become obsolete. (Remember floppy drives??) Also, have you ever not backed up files (especially from our portable devices) and they crashed or became corrupt or lost? When was the last time you printed any pictures? Your pictures should be precious to you, because they are precious to me. I don't just take a picture, I make a photograph. It is my work, an image I invested my time, energy and love in creating...just for you!

     I would like to assist you with the print process because files taken to the corner drug store lab or kiosk produce unreliable cuts, crops and print quality. The technician of the day running the machine and the calibration of the printer all influence the outcome of the print. What might look good today will come out dramatically different the next time. You are likely not interested in spending time and money getting your images and then turning over the products to a lab that is not dedicated to making the absolute highest quality prints possible. A pro lab's job is to make the images look amazing.


Session Fee's are $100 and payable at the time of booking.

It includes all phone calls or email consultations prior to your session, travel time to the location of your choice within 30 miles of North Branch, 60-90 minutes shooting and creativity and time involved in creating your portraits. 

Your gallery will include 20 professionally edited/enhanced/retouched photos from your session presented in an online gallery. Password protection is available upon request. 

I'm also pleased to offer an additional service!! Ladies, seniors or brides: I have a wonderfully talented make-up artist available to pamper you just before your session by professionally providing a makeover to make you glow and shine! Contact me for more information!


I accommodate both outdoor and indoor sessions, however indoors is limited on the number of people due to having a small space available. 

Outdoor sessions are best done early in the morning or 1-2 hours just before sunset. Cloudy days work just fine for a soft, diffused light. High noon and mid-day sun creates harsh shadows and will be creatively dealt with.

You are allowed outfit changes and the use of props.

Ideas on what to wear can be found on my Pinterest page. 

There is no fee for rescheduling due to rain and or soggy days!

Let's talk soon!