Hi! I'm Melissa. It's nice to meet you. I call North Branch, MN home and am a mother of 3 with a wonderful and amazing supportive husband.

I discovered pictures by spending hours upon hours pouring through my Mom's photo albums in the living room as a little girl. I was completely captivated by seeing my grandparents so young, my parents as children and myself as a little girl. To this day, sometimes you will find me still getting lost in the memories of those now faded pages. Next to spending actual time with my loved ones, photographs makes every cell in my body alive and happy. 


There are literally no words to describe the joy photographs bring me and how much I cherish them, even long after the person in them has gone. I cannot seem to take enough pictures because people grow and change so quickly and they spark so many memories that might otherwise be tucked far away into your brain.


In the current age of cell phones, people are not with out a camera any longer. But consider the image quality. I not only want to take a picture of you and your loved ones, but I want to make a photograph that is creative, artful and will sustain the test of time. 


I will not only provide you with an enjoyable session, but help you create a memory and offer you a moment of time that you and your children will hold dear in the years to come. I firmly believe it will outlast any material thing you will own.

Let's get together soon!


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